Z's Best Microgreens
Contact: Robby & Maria Zandbergen
Address: PO Box 1046 Garibaldi, OR, 97118
Email Address:
Phone: 971-265-1050
About Us
Z’s Best MicroGreens is Tiny Yet Mighty!
Practicing deliciously sustainable indoor urban farming from beautiful Garibaldi.
We aim to delivery the freshest, highest quality nutrient dense MICROGREENS,
and believe our community's bellies deserve Z Best!
We grow our microgreens indoors using Non-GMO seed hydroponically in environmentally friendly coco coir substrate,
with cleanliness as a top priority and without the use of; chemical additives, animal byproducts, pesticides or herbicides of any kind.
The seed provides the fuel.. we give it water, air, light and lots of love!