Bennett Family Farm
Contact: Levi Bennett
Address: 14110 Hwy 101 S Tillamook, OR, 97141
Email Address:
Phone: 503-812-6989
About Us
We are a family run dairy farm that is focused on providing our customers with a premium milk product. Our family does all of the processing to ensure a consistent and exceptional all natural product. Also, we make it convenient for the customer by delivering our milk in a glass bottle on your front porch so you always have the best milk money can buy in your fridge for you and your family.
Our Products are all natural healthy products. Our milk is vat pasteurized and non homogenized leaving you with the best tasting healthiest milk product you can buy. We milk the cows robotically and do all the processing of the milk on our sites. If you have young children with a sweet tooth I recommend our chocolate milk it will put a smile on any persons face.